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Recommend a friend or family and earn a £10 when they shop from us.

Also, you have the choice to spend your £10 gift anywhere you like. You don't have to spend the money with us. It a win! So, go on! Start earning money in return.

Recommend a friend now by submitting the following details.
Then, get them to mention your name when they shop with us!

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All introducers must be existing customers of Gift Enterprises Limited (Gift Hair Collection TM) . Your friend must be new to Gift Hair Collection and spend £50 or more to benefit from the offer.

How do I receive the credit?  Once we receive an order from your referral (the person whom you referred to us), we will contact you and deposit the payment to your account.  Unlike other retailers, who offer referral credits as vouchers to spend with them; we do not offer a credit to our referrers to spend on us. Instead, we let our customers decide what to do with their money. But, of course if you wish to spend the money with us, feel free to do so.

What will my friend get?  Your friend will get a free delivery and benefit from our loyalty points and above all enjoy our quality products and services. Plus, be eligible to earn the £10 referral credit when they shop from us and also refer their friends.

Offer Ends 31 December 2017. Terms and conditions apply.
For more information, call us on 01707 271 763 or via our contact form

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