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How to Order 

  1. How do I open an account? When you shop with us, you will have the option to checkout as guest or register an account with us at checkout.  There are benefits of opening an account with us online. When you open an account with us, you will be able to claim your loyalty points, view and manage your orders (track your order), update your details and also be able to receive dedicated emails for promotions and discounts via email. Please ensure you signup to our newsletters at the bottom of our page to receive relevant promotions and discounts.
  2. How do I make payment? You can pay securely online through a secured payment gateway using any of the following methods Amazon Pay, Bank transfer and PayPal. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Please visit our Payment and Delivery page for more information.
  3. Does my Billing and Shipping address have to match? For security reasons, we recommend billing and shipping to be the same. We understand that you may wish for your order to be sent to a different address for personal reasons but you may do so at your own risk. Please note that we do not accept orders with different addresses for the following payment methods : PayPal and Amazon. If you need to send to a different address, please select bank transfer option at checkout and complete your order; failure to do so may result in order cancellation. If we cancel your order, there will be charges deducted as stated in question 1 of 'Order Cancellation and Returns' below. Please also refer to our terms
  4. Are your product images the same as the product or colour? product images are only are for illustration purposes (guide) and may not represent the exact colour of the item or product . All products are subject to availability.

  5. Are your products genuine? we are a reputable business and quality is the bedrock of our, business. We are also distributor for the branded products we supply and have contracts with our suppliers and as such you are sure to be dealing with a verified company and business. You will never find FAKE products on our sites. This is why most of our business are derived from referrals and repeat customers. 

Order and Delivery

  1. Do you offer Same Day Dispatch? Yes, we offer same day dispatch Monday- Friday excluding public and bank holiday! Cut- off time for same day- dispatch is 12 noon.
  2. What is your dispatch time? We normally  aim to dispatch your order same day or 48 hours after receipt of payment subject to availability and excluding public and bank holiday. Your order would be dispatched using the delivery method you chose at checkout.  Delivery time would vary depending on the time, date of your order, type of product/service and contract. Please note that we have a cut - off time of 12 noon (British Time) for same day dispatch subject to product availability. Sometimes, it may not be possible to dispatch within 48 hours. Therefore, any date quoted for delivering the goods and/or completing performance of the service are approximate only. Processing time for special product and services such as Hair Repairs, Custom product /Service also varies; you would be advise of the time frame when we contact you about the service.  Otherwise, delivery can take up to 30 days where unspecified.  For more information please visit our payment and delivery page. 
  3. When would I receive my order?  delivery time depends on the shipping method you chose at checkout. Once your payment is successful and your order is dispatched from our end, its then up to the delivery company to deliver your parcel. Please refer to our payment and delivery page for more information. 
  4. Can I edit my order? We do not have a system to edit orders once placed. However, if you notice a problem with your order , please inform us as soon as possible. But, please note that we do not guarantee your order will be amended or changed but we will attempt to help where possible. Your order will be delayed as we try to rectify the problem. We may be able to amend your order manually if your order has not been put through our dispatch batch. If your order has already gone through processing there is nothing we can do at that point. But, you can return the item back to us once you receive it. Please refer to our returns policy.
  5. Can I change my delivery address? Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are not able to change address once your order has been placed. You can only do this, before you place your order. To change your address, please log into your account Login/Sign Up and update your address. If you do not already have an account with us, you can register on the same link above or at checkout. We are sorry, if you request to change your address for any reason after your order has been placed, we will have to cancel and refund your order; to enable you place your order again with the correct or updated address. Please note however, that there will be costs for this, as we are unable to refund payment processing fees and/or delivery costs. 

Order Collection

  1. Can I order for Collection? Yes, you can collect your order  in person via our click and collect service. This option is available to select at checkout, you will be able to choose a time-slot that works for you. Please note that there are strict rules for this service, please visit our Order & Collect page for more information. All orders for collection, will be collected in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10. We are not offering collection at any other location currently. Therefore, if you cannot physically come to collect in Hatfield, AL10,  please do not select this option. Instead, choose the delivery option for delivery to your address. 
  2. Can I pay By Card with Order and Collect? No, for security reasons we ONLY accept payment by BANK TRANSFER for  Order Collection. Please DO NOT select any other payment method like PayPal. Stripe, Amazon Pay for Order Collection, otherwise your order will be cancelled!
  3. What is the Minimum Order Value: To qualify for 'Order and Collect' you must spend a minimum of £10 or more. You will automatically qualify for the service if your order amount totals the minimum. 
  4. Is Collection Free?:  Yes, collection is free when you collect from Welwyn Garden City only. We are currently offering collection at 2 locations, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Hertfordshire subject to change. There is a flat fee of £1.99 to collect from Hatfield. Please select your preferred location at checkout.
  5. What if I change my location?

    You may only change your pick up location from Welwyn to Hatfield or Hatfield to Welwyn if this option is available during checkout. If you need help with this, please contact us. Please note that we would require the £1.99 flat-rate to be paid if you change from Welwyn Garden City to Hatfield. 

For more information, please visit our Order & Collect Page.

Order Cancellation and Returns

  1. Can I cancel my order? Orders cannot be cancelled once its been placed. This is due to our dispatch system, same day dispatch policy and overall costs involved. Once orders are put through the batch we cannot cancel them from our end. This also applies to 'Order and Collect services'. So, please make sure you are absolutely happy with your order before making payment to avoid this problem. If you insist on cancelling your order, there will be costs involved depending on the status of your order and when the request to cancel was processed. There is no guarantee that we are able to cancel even if you insist.  Please note therefore that we will not refund shipping/collection costs, payment processing fees. Plus, you will be charged 25% of the total product costs in addition to the shipping cost and processing fees deducted.  Please email us at info@gifthaircollection.co.uk subject to the status of your order. We hope that you would avoid this situation, we are sorry our policy will still apply if this is the case. This does not affect your statutory rights.

  2. What if my order is out of stock would I still incur charges? No. 

  3. Can I return my order? Yes, we have a 30 days returns policy. Please visit our returns page for more information.

  4. What if I received my parcel damage? We package your orders safely from our end . However, we cannot control how your parcel will be delivered to you. Once your order is placed, we hand them over to our delivery partners who will be responsible for delivering your parcel safely based on your chosen method of delivery. Our delivery partners do have some level of  insurance for their services. So, if you find yourself in this situation, do not panic, please contact us and we will take you through the process to make a claim for damage. Please note we require evidence to proceed with a claim. 

Hair Repairs

This service covers repairs for Toupees, Lace Wig and hair pieces.
1. How do I place an order for repairs? Order online via this link. It's fast and easy! https://gifthaircollection.co.uk/lace-wig-and-hair-piece-repairs-10-p.asp

2. How to order Online:

3. Can I order by email? Yes you sure can! The process is a little different from ordering online, it may take a little longer. If you prefer this method, that's fine just email us with your query at info@gifthaircollection.co.uk In your email, please ensure you give us details about the repair.

We require the following details:

4. What is the delivery time? The repair will take between 3-6 weeks from the date we receive the unit from you. If you want this faster there is an additional cost for express service.  Please email us to confirm.

5.What is your payment method? For repairs, we only accept payment by bank transfer to our business bank account. 

6. What happens after payment? We will email you an address to send  the unit to us. We recommend you send your hair piece (the item for repair) via a secured delivery. Once we receive your unit, we will email you to confirm receipt. Then, your repair will commence. 

7. How do I know when the repair is completed? Our recommended guide for repairs is usually between 3 - 24 weeks. Though this may differ depending on the type or service (standard or express). As express service is faster, we would normally quote a time-frame as part of the service. Standard service would usually be the recommended guide above. When we have completed the repair, we will notify you by email also as we dispatch the unit. 

About Our Virgin Human Hair

  1.  Is the Virgin hair real human hair? Yes, all our virgin hair extensions and wigs are 100% human hair sourced and collected from the origin of the donors. Virgin hair means that the hair is unprocessed (that is no dye and not chemically processed); with cuticles intact, hair aligns in one direction with the head and tail facing one direction. As a result you would get the best chance to apply chemicals to the hair for bleaching and colouring. However, it is very important that you treat the hair like your own hair and always do a strand test before putting any chemicals on. Hence, we recommend that this should be done by a professional.
  2. What is the Quality of the Hair? We stock different range of human hair. The highest grade of  virgin hair we stock is the Gold Range. We aim to provide the best quality products and service to all our customers. In the market today, you will find lots of cheap hair advertised as virgin hair.  Most people get carried away with sellers offering to sell Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian hair for a very cheap price, to say the least the hair market is currently flooded. The Chinese has taken over the human hair market as such there is a huge amount of fake human hair extensions in the market today and sadly most buyers can barely differentiate real hair from fake hair or processed hair. 

    The question here is:

    Are they actually selling the real virgin hair to you?

    How long would the hair last for? Clearly, these hair vendors offering cheap human hair are selling hair that has been mixed with both animal and shredded human hair to you, possibly from combings and highly chemically processed. That is why they are very cheap. Also, the hair would not last long and would start to shred and fade before you know it. Have you not wondered why you buy the so called human hair and it barely last for 6 months after which you are inclined to purchase more hair. If you could look at it this way, spend considerable amount on very good quality hair, you would not have to repurchase for at least a year. Unless you wish to stock different textures and own a variety of our quality hair. Our virgin hair is Gold and compared to popular ratings is 12A grade or higher. It speaks for itself, the older it gets the better it looks. Please see our Customers Feedback and Review.

  3. Can I buy Hair Samples? Unfortunately, not at present. We do not sell hair samples to try on. But, we recommend you buy a bundle of hair and try out for yourself. Soon, you will be coming back to us for more and thus recommending other buyers to us! This is evident from the number of feedback we have received. Please see our Customers Feedback and Review

  4. ​​​​Can I dye the virgin hair? Yes, the virgin hair can be dyed into any colour of your choice as you would normally do to your own natural hair. It can also be bleached. This is because its 100% unprocessed Hair (please refer to question 1 for more information). To dye your hair, we recommend that it is done by a professional. Maintenance Page for more information.
  5. Can I thong or curl the Virgin Human hair? Yes, all our 100% human hair including Virgin human hair can be tong, curled or straighten. To do so, you will need a hair tong or curling equipment (please read the manufacturer manual before use). However, we recommend that you avoid too much heat on the hair as it could affect the strength of the hair especially when you tong without heat protector spray. To avoid this , you can buy the curled hair from us instead. For example, You buy our Brazilian Deep Wave style instead of the Straight Style or use Bendy Rollers. The bendy roller is a very good option, all you need do is get one and roll them onto you hair. You do not need to be a professional to use the bendy rollers. It is user friendly. Once installed, you keep them on for at least an hour or longer after which you take them out to unveil your natural curls. See our hair accessories. You can also apply a spray hold to keep the curls in place. See our hair sprays.
  6. How do I maintain the Human hair? We offer Hair Repairs and Hair Maintenance services at an affordable cost . This exclusive service is available for you to order online. Click here to order. We have also developed a step to step Maintenance guide for our customers. Please refer to our Product Info Page for more information.
  7. Can I wash the Human hair? Yes, the human hair can be washed as you would normally do with your natural hair. Again, this is because it is 100% natural human hair. Please refer to our maintenance page

Styling Options

  1.  How do I fit the Human hair? This would depend on the type of extensions you purchase. For example, Machine Weft Extensions. It can be used for clip in, sew onto you hair as weave or Bonded extensions. 
  2. What type of wigs do you sell? Please see the following: 

You would need a lace glue to install the hair fully. 

No glue is required to use this type of wig. All you need do, is wear the cap and clip the adjusted straps at the back side and off you go.

Our front lace wigs can be worn with or without glue. You would need a Lace glue to install the hair. As, you will find an adjustable strap at the back just like the Glueless Wig with pre-installed clips to secure the wig the wig. Please refer to our Front Lace Wigs for more information.

We hope your questions have been answered. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.